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- Don't signal papers or put up money for any vending operation till you have discussed your complete offer with your lawyer, banker, and dispensing device family.
- Ask for accounting information to substantiate the profitability of the venture; then confirm from precise case histories or a direct check of some vendors using the same sort of machines and merchandise.
- Consider your personal capabilities and resources.
- Investigating vending alternatives thoroughly takes time. But the cash you will save and the headaches you'll avoid will make it nicely worth your effort.

- Small and portable, which suggests you may take it with you for a picnic, camping and put it in the garden during parties and many others.
- Straightforward to assemble straight out of the field. Simply press the 3 legs in place after which simply insert the cradle holder. This holder will be capable to assist a 5 gallon bottle. That’s it, it’s prepared to make use of.
- It's made from polypropylene plastic and is BPA free.
- Straightforward to collapse and put away. it additionally includes a drawstring pouch that you can use to retailer it away.

In accordance with one facet of the invention, a method is described for enticing an additional sale at a number of vending machines. In this method, a buyer is provided with a proof-of-buy (POP) identifier in response to a first purchase from a primary vending machine. The POP identifier is thereafter received at a second vending machine that ordinarily vends each of its items at respective predetermined prices. Nonetheless, a particular merchandise is vended from the second vending machine for less than its predetermined price in response to the receipt of the POP identifier.